Our mission is to expand the businesses of our clients by understanding the audience of who's needs their products solve, where to find them, and how to best connect with them. Our mission is creating customers.

We will continue to grow rapidly because of our unconventional approach to marketing that works. Our team will continue to make good businesses great and great businesses greater. When you're focused on results - everyone wins.

Climbing the same set of stairs - together. ROI & KPI focused. You win. we win.

The Team
"The strength of a team is each individual member. The strength of each member is the team. "
- Phil Jackson

Founder | Advanced Business Strategy

Elijah Bluhm

Visionary - obsessed with customer creation. Elijah has a vast understanding of the buyer journey and his unconventional approach to marketing bring immense value to the companies he works with.

Along with marketing strategy, he's an advanced copywriter, designer, and speaker.

"Marketing is finding and connecting people to a product that solves a problem. Marketing is help over sell and give before you ask. It's never been easier and done more wrong. My passion is in making it right. "
-Elijah Bluhm

Founder | Professional Content Creation

Jacob Potter

The silent marketer - Jacob is usually found managing the operation behind a desk or more likely manning the cameras.

Well-versed in marketing theory and is undeniably skilled in film, photography, and design. More then creative, Jacob is results oriented - a rare trait in his field.

"Content is great. I love a beautiful visual as much as anyone.
But content needs relevancy, direction - an accurate target. To often what we produce is just "client satisfaction" - I'm more interested in customer acquisition, user attention, and getting them results. Still as beautiful; just better." 
- Jacob Potter

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